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Let’s take it from the beginning:

Born with a disability.

I was born with a disability in my feet usually referred to as clubfeet. In simple layman terms one could say that the Achilles’ tendon is too short. Therefore you have to lengthen it surgically over time, while the child is growing. In severe cases you need to do that many times while growing up, and in very severe cases you have it on both feet. Otherwise you would say club foot. I was a very severe case.

But very fortunate!

I was also extremely fortunate as I was born in Sweden where medical care is free to all it’s citizens. Add to that, one of the world’s foremost orthopedic experts at the time happened to live and research in the same city my grandparents lived. (I lived in Stockholm with my mother, but with all my operations my grandparent where always close by. What a blessing!)

Dr von Rosen traveled excessively and lectured all over the world. He was and still is a legend in this field. I can’t tell you how immensely grateful I am for being cared for by such a man. I didn’t know then that his wife was an opera singer. And I’ didn’t know that I, Stella Scott, was to become one too.

Music By Great, Yet Forgotten Women

Alma Mahler

Alma Mahler

In my musical work I do some controversial stuff. Breaking the rules. Stretching the borders. Singing what makes me happy and telling stories usually untold in the classical arena.

I stopped calling myself “soprano” to switch over to the more generic “opera singer”. I left the fach system. I reached an age where I decided no one is going to tell me what to sing, whom to love or how to run my business! 

There is a post on how I found my true voice, including a video, where I tell that story.

I love performing music by great female composers, oftentimes forgotten. Clara Schumann, Fanny Hensel and Alma Mahler have lately had a revival. When I found them though, hardly anyone had heard anything by any of the three. In Sweden I have been a proud pioneer of performing classical works written by women since the mid ’90’s.

More on my programs with and about Female Composers on this page.

I Started Out As A dancer, Mind You!

IMG_1289But apart from opera singing my career also includes dancer (Yes, you read it right. With those feet!), actor, lecturer, professor as well as being a trained coach and gestalt therapist with over 30 years of performing, teaching and clinical experience in my private practice.

Living in Malmö

Right now I live in Malmö, Sweden with my partner in business and life, Elvira Haxhiaga. In my free time I love dancing, reading, take part of other artists work, travel, exploring the spiritual parts of reality.

My curiosity is endless and everything I put my hands on I research extensively. I also want to inform you about my “spelling disorder”. If you react on bad spelling or crocked grammar the reason is that Swedish is my first language when it comes to writing. I still might have something useful to say to you though. ;-) Spelling or not, I hold dual citizenships (Swedish/American), and have the fortune to be bilingual since childhood.


Learn How To Market Your Singing!

One of many important things to me is this: I seek to inspire artists like yourself to learn how to market themselves. To understand how to create a brand out of you and learn self promotion. To create enough money to be able to pursue life and art comfortably. For this to happen marketing is a skill you need. Desperately!

Throughout this blog I give teachings about marketing and how to earn money online. They go closely together! In fact the thrive in symbiosis.

Therefore I write about many things that are interconnected. Topics like marketing, promoting you, the struggles and pains, blogging and network marketing. I interview a few singers. And I also give a thought on looks, health and aging. Needles to say, looks and health is a super important issue for anyone working on stage. And while the years go by, body and voice changes.

I even wrote a post on how to keep your voice young and healthy. Read it and come back to me when you desire to know more. I eat those supplements myself, and have nothing but accolades to share!

All of this is meant for you. Take it and use to create an increased feeling of self worth and value, a more enjoyable career, and in the long run, a better economy!

Human Rights Recitals

In another blog thread I pour my heart out on human rights. This is my brand and what I do on stage.

I have a series of recitals, all on issues that concern the right to be honored as a person. Those rights that cannot be negotiated simply because you’re a human being. But they are being violated every day, in every country. More in some places. Less in others. And yet it is constantly going on, while people look the other way.

My aim is to shed light on those shadows. A reflection on nature, a review or something else close to my heart, might show up there, as a blogpost.

If I can’t find any other place for a posts you will find them under the category “Thoughts & Opinions“.


Be A Part Of The Solution.

I truly believe we can all be a part of “The solution” if we choose to take that stand. If you feel the same way and sense you can resonate with the person that is me on these pages, we should stay in contact!  Put your name and email in the box below the video. Never hesitate to ask questions and make comments. Remember to stay kind! 🙂

I salute you with a tribute to the beauty of life by Clara Schumann. Your visit is much appreciated, enjoy your stay!

And remember to put your name and email in the box down below!

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