Are You Lurking In A Comfort Zone Spelled “discomfort”?

Are You Lurking In A Comfort Zone Spelled “Discomfort“?

To hesitate because of fear is common. Or at least it is a common belief that fear is the problem. I’ve written a post about that previously.

But what if it’s not fear at all that stops you? What if it has much more to do with choice and leaping out of your comfort zone? A short thought on the subject below.

Many times in life I’ve felt the “fear of change”. But I’ve also seen the comfort in not changing and the discomfort of moving into an unknown space. There is a reason we stay where we are.

When you know what you have but not what will come, it can appear better to stay put. Now I urge you to consider the price, because the price is far more painful than moving out of your comfort zone and into the unknown. It is spelled R-E-G-R-E-T.

Get Help!

To help you take that inner leap I suggest you join the Tapping Summit. The event itself is and always will be 100% free to attend during the 10 days of the event. I wrote an article about it before, mentioning Dr Wayne Dyer.


But that’s not what this reminder is about. What i want to say is that EFT can help you get out of your comfort zone and into action!

There has been amazing feedback from the pre-event video series that feature some powerful testimonials from well known experts in the field of personal evolvement. You can listen to what they have to say by applying to this free event and get the benefits from this amazing tool.

The Summit doesn’t cost anything but for those wanting to buy the recordings afterwards, the opportunity exists.

The series is available for viewing or download as a special bonus for those who upgrade to special gold or platinum access. Click the picture and check out the options. And make sure you attend the summit, in case you’re lurking in a comfort zone spelled “discomfort”. 😉

Feel free to ask me questions below. I have long experience with this method and helping people from alla walks of life with stress, stage fright and even a wobbly vibrato! 

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