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Your Logo Is Part Of Your Branding.

Your logo is part of your branding, is it telling the true story? Yesterday I talked about your¬†branding and daring to step out. ¬†Daring to be different. Sometimes being different is not the best thing though. It’s important to think through all parts of your brand. What do you want people to see? Your branding

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Are You Branding Yourself?

Are You Truly Taking The Risk Of Branding Yourself? Are you branding yourself? What do you do on your blog, your fan page and on Twitter? What do you hold up at your front porch? Is it yours or does it belong to someone else? If it belongs to someone else, what do YOU ad

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What Is Branding Anyways?

What Is All This Buzz About Branding Anyways? Branding has become the buzzword all over internet. It’s an important concept as your brand is what sets you apart from everybody else. I have been aware of the importance of branding myself for many years. As a matter of fact I opened up my Facebook account

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