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Are Jackie Evancho And Amira Willighagen Opera Singers?

Are Jackie Evancho And Amira Willighagen Opera Singers? Jackie Evancho rose to stardom some years ago. Where you in awe? I was not. On the contrary. I cringed. It was so contrived and non organic. Small girls should not sing this kind of repertory. They have nothing in their precious little bodies to suport an

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Fach Dependency, Is It Good For Your Voice?

Fach dependency, is it crippling or good for your voice?   The fach system is not exactly liberating. Oh, how dare I say that? Wait I’m not done yet! Our industry is so narrow minded! So limiting and so inhibiting in many ways! There are bombastic declarations of how fantastic opera is. So liberating. Such grand

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5 Unexpected Ways To Make Auditions More Fun

5 Unexpected Ways To Make Your Auditions More Fun Fun? Auditioning – Fun? How on earth could auditions become fun? Well, as so often it is all a matter of perspectives. Perspectives to change, new habits to adopt and skills that you can learn. I decided to write this post after interviewing a colleague, Rose Marie Bäckstrand, soprano.

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