Colette Is Part Of Herstory

Colette Is Part Of Herstory


Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, 1873-1954

This is Colette.
 She is part of a huge population of brilliant women that we just about never hear about. Colette is just one example. But as usual, as soon as a genius woman leaves the planet she is more or less forgotten, while men become founding fathers of civilization.

Feminism is so much and includes what to write in our history books! I’m tired of the old story told! [sociallocker id=”3715″]

Her full name was Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, but both then and now she is known as Colette. Go to France and everyone will recognize who she is by that name. 🙂


I Was A Young Student In N.Y.

I discovered her 1980, when I studied at Pratt Institute in N.Y. and instantly loved her! The way she was firmly going against conventions and the norm of the decent girl. Her crossdressing and affairs with women. Her writing, her acting, her honesty, her home made vin d’orange, her bravery to try and test and fail. As with her beauty shops and 3 marriages.

Oh Colette, you gave me inspiration, courage and hope in so many ways. Lover of cats and life you should be remembered and given as a gift to any young woman today!

She Was Young Gifted And Published Under The Wrong Name!


Colette and Missy

Will you be surprised if I tell you her first four books where published under the name of her first husband? The Claudine series were considered shocking and genius att the same time. And the cred was eagerly soaked up by Henri Gauthier- Villar, going under the nickname Willy.

So typical! Makes me think of Virginia Woolf whom once wrote: I would venture to guess than Anon, who wrote so many poems without signing them, was often a woman. Which is what she really said in. Not “For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.” (All these misquoted quotes…)

Of course a marriage like that had to end up in a divorce. After that she started to write under her own name. 50 novels and countless other works poured from her pen. Many of her writings inspired great music to be composed. Poulence, a French composer and pianist whom also happened to be gay, was one of them.

For instance she wrote a piece about a quarrel between two lovers and Poulence set it to music. In my interpretation I had two women end up in bed. Since she was intensely passionate and sexual, with a temperament, plus numerous lesbian lovers it came as a natural while going through the piece.

One of those female relationship she had with Marquise de Belbeuf. The Marquise was know as Missy to everyone. They stayed together for five years. Missy was quite a remarkable character herself and deserves an article all of her own! Had she been around today she would most likely identify herself as transgender. But that will be another fascinating person for you to get to know later on.

State Funeral




Colette reached the respectable age of 81. She was the first french woman ever honored with a state funeral by the French Republic. Close to 10,000 paraded past the coffin. One of them was Marlene Dietrich. Another women looking so handsome in a suit! 😉

Due to Colette’s sinful life, divorces and everything, it was not a catholic sermon. I think she would have been rather pleased with that. Pleased as a confirmation, she had lived her life to the fullest. A life on her own accord!

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You can learn more about Colette at Wikipedia


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