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The TelephoneBoth you and I know that art is transformational. And we both know your voice is a precious gift. But in case you didn’t know I will now tell you this: Your voice is a gift that it is your duty to present to the world! People are waiting for you to show up. You can help change their lives with your message!

Did You Try To Work Your Way To A Career?

Let me guess. You have tried to work your way to a career. Hoping for that day job to help propel your dreams about being on stage. Rings true? While studying, you where convinced that you could to it. You would be one of the select few to enjoy spectacular success while traveling the world.

So why is it not happening? So many told you you have such talent and it is such a shame you’re not coming any further and if they had the money they would pay for any expense you ever had.

I heard that! I had people step in with money. You know, I crowd funded, before the concept was even invented! I got big grants too.

Though somehow it was never enough. I suffered, just like you, while putting one foot in front of the other. All just to discover; this career is like a black hole in the universe. It sucks up your, money, you energy and your hopes like nothing else. I got tired and discouraged and I cried!

Every lesson costs. Every audition costs. Every accompanist costs. Every location costs. Everything COSTS! It is all one big, endless expense. The frustration is almost crippling! Right?


What if?


Estates Theatre Prague Opera in Mozart’s Time

Now imagine you have the money you need and can sleep well at night. Your voice takes off. Technically and expression wise you are free to explore where your limits are and how to push them further down the road.

The joy of holding that infinite phrase, without the extra breath. Just because you had time and money to practice, take extra vocal coaching, go to the gym and eat those supplements that helps your body handle oxygen more efficiently.

And finally you can go to Italy, France, Germany and Austria. See the splendor of Prague where Don Giovanni had its premiere. Eat the foods Brahms ate. Walk the streets Verdi walked. Listen to world class singing in Paris.

How does it get any better than that?


If you’re worried that it’s getting to late

Then it’s time for you to join the small handful of people who are learning how to earn money automatically – at home or on the road!

If I’m not mistaken you are the kind of person who is ready to work hard to make your dreams come to fruition. Most singers are, so why should you be any different?

You’ll love DMC+, a Step by Step training, that puts online marketing together for you. All in one place!

Witch means:

  • You don’t have to think about structuring your work. Instead you can focus on sharpening your skills to become a better marketer
  • You don’t have to waste your precious time figuring out what to do first, or what to do next
  • You don’t have to wander about finding different trainings on setting up a blog, copywriting, creating ads, understanding platforms. It’s all here!
  • You don’t have to explain time and again what you are doing. The skills training and the coaching are all done by the same group of people. Wich means:
  • You become a real person to us, not a number!


Some happy voices about DMC+

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This is a program for those who demand excellence!

There is, without question, one single thing that makes a bigger difference in your success than anything else and that’s partnering up with the right group of people.

You can now partner up with myself and  acclaimed industry leader Ann Sieg. She has built a mentors program where she and her team offers you daily support trough real, person to person contact.

It is for real! You will have people there responding to you within hours, sometimes minutes, giving you feedback on your progress. This is a unique approach in a world full of prerecorded webinars!


You’ll get special treatment


Since I’m a certified trainer within this program you will of course get some special attention from me when joining my team. Together we will work on how you can use your skills as a performer, on video. That expertise, can be developed into a business tool!

Looking good while meeting people off- or online is crucial. I have seen so many videos and pictures where there is no congruency between the image and who you will actually meet. If you have a superbly manipulated picture of you, perfectly made up, and then a video where you look completely different it creates a false picture of who you are. With all my stage experience and 35 years of teaching and coaching I truly have the competence to assist you in bridging that gap!


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Click this link and get yourself registered for a dirt cheap introductory month to this opportunity.  For under $10 you can have the team of DMC+ circled up around you, to give from our knowledge and experience.

This is Your passport to international travel
We are not satisfied until you are profitable!


Ps. You have everything to win and all your money back if you are not completely satisfied! ds


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