Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow – NOT!

Do What You Love,
The Money Will Follow

– NOT!


You’ve heard Oprah say it. Steve Jobs did too. As did Joseph Campbell. And a bunch of other successful people. Or put in other words in the movie The Secret: Follow Your Bliss…

Well if that was really the case I would be a smashing hit, traveling the world, getting paid ridiculous amounts of money for my singing. And if you are anything like me, so would you. Right? Right!

For many years I thought it was true. I found my vocation late in life. I was 27. That is very late for a budding opera singer. Very, VERY but VE-RY late to be exact. But since I was a “positive thinker” and hard worker too, I was convinced that I would get there through my desire, longing and work ethics.

I had a great base to grow from. Talent all over the place. Musicality, an original timbre, strong body, good health, stage presence, experience as both dancer and actor, and good looks too.

But do you know what? Even though I had an insane love for what I was doing, (and I still do) nothing much happened.


Others Say The Same

There are many articles about “Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow”. Articles debunking the myths flourishing. Myths that in some ways might even hinder you from doing what you love!

Here is one on Forbes. And yet another one by Mark Cuban. The both hold valid perspecteives. Read them!

Why? Because if you only focus on what you love you’ll miss a very important part of what you’re doing. Getting it out to a potential audiens. Your customers.

Do The Hustle

Had I known what I know today I would have done it in a very different way. You see, there is a hustle on the side. A hustle of telling the world about you. Of getting the money in our wallet. The better you are at that, the more gigs you’ll get. And a bigger audience too.

I blamed my meager career on me. I did what needed to be done. I showed up. I took the risks. I got the loan, the grant and the gift of free lessons from a remarkable teacher (Ann Santucchi in Rome), whom firmly believed in me.

Unfortunately it didn’t work that way. I even had agents! But still, every gig was a fight!

You have to love what you do so much you are ready to do what is not as lovely! This is non negotiable. You simply won’t love every part of the hustle. It’s a simple truth that is rarely talked about.

Mindset Vs. Skills

Do What You Love, The Money Will FollowThe phrase Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow is actually a book written by Marsha Sinetar. I haven’t  read it myself. Doesn’t matter. I’ve read so many others in the same range.

Don’t get me wrong, they helped me immensely. Immensely, I tell you! But they did NOT give me skills! Mindset, yes. Skills, no.


Mindset Is Not Enough

So where do I want to go with all this? I want to tell you you must take charge and do things you are not fond of. Things you don’t love. Things you thought your agent would do, that they are either not doing or, you don’t have an agent. And very possibly never will.

You must learn to market yourself! To promote what you’re doing. Some people love marketing, some don’t. I like it, but my love lies in singing. Classical singing to be exact.

You Do Need A Mindset! But it has to be one ready to do things you don’t know anything about right now. In short you need new knowledge and new skills! The are so many skills on the side of your passion. And some of them you won’t like!

Getting your feet firm into a social media platform can be a good way to start. Read this blogpost by Eric Walker to get a grip on what to do and the mindset for it too! Because to “Do what you love, the money will follow”, is simply not true!

Yes, I’m Ready For The Singers Truth About Money!

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