Do You Challenge Yourself Enough?

Do You Challenge Yourself
Often Enough?


Challenge Yourself often! That is my advice of the day. When you stay in your comfort zone for too long, life gets boring and predictable.

My challenge for now is to do more video, and make sure I try some new things I’ve never done before. It’s part of my money making plan of 2014. With video you connect with your audience in a more personalized way. They get to know you, your voice, you manner, you little quirks and your awesomeness!

Talking about quirks.  You get to know yourself too! It wasn’t until I got into making videos that I realized my mouth get a little twisted when I talk and smile at the same time. And I smile a lot! 😉

Keep Your Intention

Last time my intention was to post all my videos on the blog. But I failed. I still have some that are hovering over at YouTube by themselves. This time they are all to be used in a more productive way.

challenge yourselfVideo production in itself isn’t the problem. It’s the using them with my marketing where I fall short. Hence that in itself is a challenge. To set out to do what you’ve said to yourself and others you are going to do!

How many? 2-3 per week, for six weeks in a row. Means no less than 12. Last time I did 21. If I keep that pace I’ll have many new posts with video coming up.

As I say in the video above not all of them will be for the public. There will be Thank You Page videos (Hidden), Capture Page Videos (Intended for sales). And if I manage to figure out how, also popup video. And I’ll be joined in the challenge by the smart ladies from Branded. We’ll keep each other accountable!

How are you going to challenge yourself in the coming weeks? Pleas tell below, thank you!

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