How To End Your Fight With Network Marketing

Network Marketing Can Be Such An Endless Fight!

Network Marketing came into my life in 1999. That is when I came in contact with my first network marketing company and immediately realized what an opportunity it was! The products were much better than what I could find in a store and the future financial possibilities… Wow!

I really saw how it could ease the economic burden of my singing career, as art always is an expensive profession. But oh, how hard it was to get others to understand! Have you been through it too? In that case, this is for you.

Have you not considered MLM before? Thank you lucky star! This article will help you avoid all those hazards some of us went through. It is primarily aimed at those who have a history of MLM as a business model or see the potential, but not for your life could you understand how to get it to work as “promised.”

The Harassment Marketing Model

article-new_ds-photo_getty_article_84_233_87697988_XSWhy was it so difficult? You made the list of all of those you have not met since kindergarten, didn’t you? All the way through high school. Then you went through the first job in a café. Plus volunteer months in that school for disabled children. Finally landing in the present with a degree or tons of study, loans, a halted career and a longing for something “more.”

But you didn’t only make the list. You even called some of them, wrote to others and made friends with those old contacts on Facebook. Surely you obediently talked to all of your dearest friends and your family had to buy some products.

But despite the years going by, it feels like nothing happens. It not only feels like it, it can be seen very clearly in your wallet. It is exactly the same as it always has been. Half full when your monthly payment arrives and barren a few days later. Maybe your “why”, the desire to SING, is too weak or you are not making enough cold calls? Maybe, even, you do not have what it takes?

The pain of rejection

It’s painful, right? All those rejections. You feel silly, intrusive, bothersome and do you know what? You are too! You are because you do all of those things that do not work, for the majority of us. And you do them over and over again. You start to feel silly, if not stupid when people ask how things are going, because things are not going at all! Someone may even have a slightly scornful tone in her voice. Yet you feel so strongly that THIS SHOULD REALLY WORK! You just know that if you could only get the trick, it will solve everything.

Believe me, I’ve been there so I know!
And I Solved It! 😀

7 Great Lies of Network Marketing

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What happened to me is that I came across this incredible FREE e-book written by Ann Sieg. Anne is one of my most important mentors and today I work closely with her while developing my own business further and helping others follow in my footsteps.

7 great lies of network marketing

You can download it here and start reading it right now. It’s good to know that there is nothing wrong with you and there are other ways! Can you think of any reason not to send for your copy of 7 great lies of network marketing? It won’t cost you a penny!

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  • Pat Campbell

    I’ve been there with you Stella. There are tactics we need to let go of even though many in the industry still insist they work…

    It’s past time that we move on to new methods that work online.

  • Lars-G Dahlström

    As you like Stella. Here is the comment in your blog. Very professionel Stella. You are an excellent example for me when it comes to blogginlägg and working with internet. Unfortunately I’ve been forced to Take a pause in blogging due to family matters the last weeks. But beware, I will be back soon.

    • Stella

      Thank you Lasse for coming on over! I do appreciate you taking the time to tell me you get some value from what I do. Looking forward to your comeback! 🙂

  • Wendy Brennan

    Stella, this article was very compelling because I knew everything you were saying is true. I actually had a fair amount of success in network marketing the old way but walked away from it after 5 years. I just couldn’t sustain that lifestyle of endless meetings and feeling helpless in trying to help others I knew where my heart was, but to other people, I was a nuisance. I think it was only my personality and drive that got me as far as I did… and complete obstinence. I actually left MLM for 3.5 years, but my dream has been awakened again. Thanks for this article!

    • Stella

      Thank you Wendy! Happy to give you that confirmation! 🙂 I had a fair amount of success too, but it was so very difficult to maintain. Not duplicable at all! I know you know what I mean. 😉

    • Stella

      Yes Carol, I read all three of them in one week! It works, finally. I celebrate every day with grtitude!

  • Jess Brown

    Hi Stella,

    This is a very good post and I can definitely relate to it. Until last year, I had been trying to do network marketing the old way on and off since 1998. I hated having to chase people and be persistent and pushy because that’s how my upline showed me to do it. No one wants to be a nuisance like that. I love Ann’s book and it definitely changed my outlook on network marketing and gave me hope because there’s a better way. Thanks for this post!!

    Jess Brown recently posted…Big News For This BlogMy Profile

    • Stella

      Hi Jess! Maybe it is a certain personality that actually likes to behave according to the old school model? Who knows… Most people I’ve met don’t and just like you and I suffered while looking for ways to make it work. Thank goodness some people started to look in other direktions. Internet is a blessing! 🙂

  • Jodene

    I definitely thought network marketing would be easier than I have found it to be! It has been a huge learning curve for me. We need to stick with it and not get discouraged. Network marketing is a great business model and there are so many reasons why I chose to get involved and with the particular company that I did.
    Thank you Stella
    ~ Jodene
    Jodene recently posted…Solavei – Just What is All the Buzz About?My Profile

    • Stella

      Great you found your way here too! 🙂 It is a great business model Jodene. People “only” need to understand it also requires education, and that there are different ways to do it. On size doesn’t not fit all!

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