Jerry Hadley Advice: Listen To Old Time Singers

 Jerry Hadley Advice: Listen To Old Time Tingers

I ran across this video on FB with late tenor Jerry Hadley. I loved it! There is so much to singning! I mean the singing itself. In the video below he, talks about listening to singers. Singers closer to the origin then we are today.



Advice from Jerry Hadley

Follow The Advice From Tenor Jerry Hadley. Listen To The Old Masters Of Song!

Do You Listen The Good Old Way?

What about you? Do you listen to singers from the golden age of opera and art song? Have you heard about mezzo-soprano Julia Culp,  (1880-1970) for instance?  She personally knew and worked with giants like Grieg, Strauss, Saint-Saëns, Caruso, Klemperer and Granados to name a few. What do you think you could learn from listening to her? Often? TheWikipedia article says “one becomes a connoisseur by listening to her.” …

When I lived in Italy I found a treasure of CD’s from times gone by. It’s opera and lied that I now cherish with my heart! I was smart when I stumbled upon these rarities and dished up the money, eyes glistening. Therefore I now I have an incredible collection of old masters singing Schubert. All voice categories are represented and many songs are repeated. It gives a unique opportunity to listen to a piece from different angles.

Get some rarities and make sure you pay good attention also to what the pianist/orchestra does. The mutual nterpretation does it all!

You can use youtube too, like I do here in another blogpost with Mezzo Conchita Supervia. But I do have an old, marvelous cassette with her too! 😉

Get over the sound quality of the recordings. Soon you won’t hear nothing but the glory and you’ll learn so much.

Find You Own Voice!

Having a distinct style of your own is important when you step into the world. If you sound like everyone else there is no need to tell anyone about your existence. To be a carbon copy won’t take you far. Therefore take the advice of Jerry Hadley to heart. Get as close to the source as you can and listen, listen, listen. Then go practice!

Do you have any favorite “old” singers? Please tell below, and what you learn from them.

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