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~ Kelli Butler ~
The Dilemma Of Too Young Or Too Old…

Kelli Butler

Kelli Butler, Coloratura Soprano

Kelli Butler is an absolutely charming and intelligent woman, heading for the singers “wrong age”. You know, the age where you either you get to hear “Not enough on your resume” or “To young for this particular part”. The catch 22 of the singers world. So frustrating you just don’t know where to turn at times.

Where does Kelli turn then, to ease her singing mind? Believe it or not, this well spoken and thought through coloratura turns to… Video games! She told me I would laugh at her, and I did! 😀

This interview is recorded with Skype. We encountered a few minor problems with lagging and a slight buzzing sound. I hope you’ll overlook that and enjoy both our discussion and Kelli’s beautiful singing!  It’s divided into 4 parts, to make it easier for you to navigate.


Part 1

Singing Cured Kelli’s Stuttering!

We started out with Kelli talking about her childhood and how singing helped her cure her severe stuttering. This wonderful artform of opera is really about speaking sentences, and expressing feelings! Then I asked Kelli about Opera. Is it really a dying art form? You can listen to her almost philosophical answer in the video below.[sociallocker id=”2955″] It might take a lithe time for the videos to load. Thanks for your patience. 🙂


Those kids, blessed to hear Kelli sing” O mio babbino caro” are second grade students in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

Adele from Die Fledermaus and First Lady from Die Zauberflöte

Adele from Die Fledermaus and First Lady from Die Zauberflöte

Part 2

How To Fund A Career

In this second part Kelli gives her view on the crisis of of opera and how to fund a singing career. She also touches on her over active brain. Diagnosed as ADD. Plus reveals her addiction to video games. The “real” stuff, not solitaire… 😉

Opera: The Undoing of Women is a 1979 book by French philosopher Catherine Clément. Can be bought at Book Depository.

Part 3

We The Story Tellers

Kelli with her teacher Shirley Love.

Kelli with her teacher Shirley Love.

Strangely enough it appears that we have exactly the same view when it comes to opera as the oral tradition of the western civilization.

The discussion starts out with the role of the “master class” and leads us over to the great responsibility of the storytellers. That responsibility is too heavy a burden for a small child! A phenomena becoming increasingly popular.

I really appreciate Kelli’s honesty about her greatest weakness as a singer. Now and then she gets criticized because of this. But when you admit your weakness you can improve!

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Kelli Butler Sings Queen Of The Night
~ Der Hölle Rache ~

Part 4

Is It Enough To Sing Well?

Looks, weight, hight… I’ts not only the voice that counts for the modern opera singer.

Time and time again Kelli comes back to the issue of finances and the lack of funding. No matter what needs to be done, money is constantly the hurdle to get over.

She is also quite stern on the need to understand the computer and what can be done with those tools. That includes the art of marketing. Like it or not we are all heading in the same direction. Understanding how to promote yourself is becoming inevitable!

More About Kelli Butler

To stay in contact with Kelli Butler please like her fan page at: And follow her Twitter account here: You can also see more videos on YouTube. [/sociallocker]


Kelli Butler and Martina Arroy Kelli Butler And her mentor Martina Arroyo

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