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Human Rights Recitals

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It all started 1996 when I began presenting female composers from a feminist stand point. The name wasn’t there yet. But Human Rights Recitals is the concept I started with my first recital Women keep silence – And she can’t compose either. Alluding to Paul 1 Corinthians 11:5

I got so tired of the stuffy way classical music was presented. Rarely was my art form presented within a meaningful transforming, educational or even interesting context. The music in itself is many times mind blowing, highly emotional and transforming in itself. Nevertheless, I missed “edge”.

I missed meaning. I missed political standpoints. I missed women. I missed what Mozart, Chopin and Verdi did with their music. All of that was taken over by pop, rock and other styles of music. I wanted to reinstall that aspect in what I was doing. I did and I do, in my own way.


3 Programs

I have three recital lectures on three different themes:

  • Female composers
  • Women cross dressing
  • Historical LGBT people of immeasurable importance for the western culture.

A fourth one about humans rights is in the making. I call it HHH for short. When I’m ready to present something to my audience I’ll tell you what it stand for. 🙂

They will all be presented here at the blog, in time. For starters I’m working on a page about Women keep silence.

Follow my writings and videos at Human Right Recitals. It’s my blog where I cover topics of interest in this arena.


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Human Rights Recitals!

Here you can read the 30 rights that we all have according to UN. As you can see we have a lot of work to do… If you think we should work on making humans rights a non issue, please Tweet by clicking below. Thank you!

Do you have a “most important human right” for you, right now? Tell by leaving a comment below. 🙂

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