Why Do People I’ve Never Met Ask Me To Endorse Skills I Don’t Know If They Have?

Why Do People I’ve Never Met Ask Me To Endorse Skills I Don’t Know If They Have?


twitter-drops-linkedin-partnership-ece762014eSo here is another soapbox outburst on how people behave on platforms. This time it is LinkedIn where people are shooting themselves in the foot. Unknowingly, I guess. Every once in a while I get this in my LinkedIn mailbox.

I’d like to request 10 seconds of your time to leave me a quick rating here: http/xyz..com

Now get this. It’s from a stranger! A stranger wants ME to rate her! Or someone I never experienced doing what they want me to endorse. Why? I would never ask someone to give a testimonial about me if I wasn’t’ sure it was going to be positive. And the only way I can be sure is because I know them. Or KNOW they attended an event with me.

What this does is it dilutes the seriousity and dependability of skills endorsed. I have no idea if the profile I’m looking at, endorsed by a ton of people, really is reliable. Is this person good at what has been endorsed? Or have people just been kind, endorsing back because they in turn where endorsed?

Every once in a while someone endorses me for stuff they most likely know noting about. They never met me. Never came to any of my lectures, recitals or had a coaching session with me. Why?

Just as with my previous post on FB likes out of politeness, for heavens sake, don’t endorse to be “kind”. It’s not kind at all. It’s diluting someones reputation. And even if they don’t understand their own good. Help them by NOT endorsing something you don’t know anything about!


It’s your reputation too!


Again, it is about you! What if someone actually contacted you to ask some questions about the person you supposedly know? What will you say?

Version 1)
“Ehh, well, we never worked together, really… But since her profile says she has a degree in psychology I thought she is probably good at teambuilding and 16 other mutual friends already did the same thing, so I figured…”

Version 2)
Her leadership skills? Hmmm, no clue. I endorsed her you say?  Who was that again?

reputation-management-trustBoth answers lowers the trust in you! Hence, your reputation is damaged.

Conclusion: Don’t endorse people’s skills when you know nothing about the skill. Don’t ask for endorsement from the wrong people either. Nurture your reputation!

What are your experiences with endorsements? Tell your story below!

ps. I’m not the only one talking about this. ds

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