I guide accomplished women to unshakable self-love through finding and trusting their truthful self.

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If everything seems out of reach and you’re full of self-doubt you’re in the right place!

You’re here because you look at yourself throught the lens of hopeless case.
You’re here because  you’re bored.
Because you feel incompetent, frustrated, angry and not listend to.

You’re in the right place!

You know what? The world needs you to be happy.
Because one happy person at the time changes the world!

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I know it's always worth investing time and money in myself and my development. It becomes a mental boost sending signals to myself, that I am worth investing in, which strengthens my self-esteem. I also enjoy the feeling of "nothing is constant", and even at times it may seem like you've tried "everything" and become a bit blasé, there's always something new to try out, moving you forward 🙂

Going through Stella's Sleep Puzzle, I must say after three weeks, it's absolutely amazing there's a new system now that actually works. Stella helps you to cope with your sleep problems! 

Catrine Wikström Regional Culture Strategist February 3, 2016

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Stella delivers something extra that I have not encountered before. Her program is so well-built and implemented. The results are amazing and the very best; SUSTAINABLE, because Stella's methods contain a variety of tools that you can bring along with you in your daily life. I highly recommend Stella. My life has got a whole new starting point with more energy, more clarity and better focus!

Christina Påhlman Sales responsible, IKEA of Sweden October 14, 2017

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This workshop was completely mind-boggling. It reached deep corners within me but in a very soft and safe manner. I now have both concrete tools to use, and a calm relaxation I have not known for a while.

Elin Bååth Member of the Assembly, F! Gotland October 14, 2017

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In thinking about our conversation, you must know that I was quite surprised! Serendipity at her best! Therefore, I can't write proper sentences to describe my reaction to our call! I keep having these - bursts of elated/energetic thoughts!! It was foresight, engaging, affection, serious and fun!

These are the gifts that I enjoyed about our conversation:
Know my own unique perspective, learn from it, and share it! Yes! Precisely! This message of wisdom was intended for me and in the way that you delivered. It deeply resonated! Looking forward to our next talk. So very appreciative. You possess a truly needed gift. ?

Deborah Murphy https://www.facebook.com/JourneytoOurTrueSelf/ January 20, 2018

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What we did that hour became a form of gestalt therapy. The new memory we created with EFT/Matrix technology and the insight I received from the roles my family members played has radically changed my way of thinking.

It didn't happen right away, but after a while, it evolved into a stable and safe place. In other words, it worked!!!

Sarah Elgenstierna January 20, 2018

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Thank you for amazing, super-intensive course where I got many good tools to become a better, less nervous speaker. Rewarding
practical exercises, many aha experiences and a lot of humor and laughter.

I already started using EFT techniques to cure my stage fright. Thank you, Stella!

Monica Ivarsson Dentist January 20, 2018

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Stella is an amazing expert on sleep and getting to a place where one can finally get the rest and regeneration needed for our fast-paced lives. She does this in an amazingly approachable and understandable holistic way. The fact that she healed herself from sleeping problems is just so wonderful and makes you feel really understood. I am so thankful for every night of wonderful sleep I am able to enjoy!

Devi Anne Wieser http://mylove.coach/ January 24, 2018

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Dear Stella Scott,
just wanted to thank you for helping me to gain confidence, skill and practice before my launch. I know it was a super short notice and I appreciate you very much for showing up and helping me out with your laser focus session last minute when I most needed it. You were right on, I feel ready and stage is not so scary anymore. ♥

Klara Fischerova https://www.facebook.com/KlarityEnergeticAlignment/ February 10, 2018

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Dear Stella,

thank you for the intense session yesterday!
As you probably noticed I had resistance in the beginning and in between.
And I felt I do not want to go too far away, but I told you all of this.

What happened after I came back and you helped me to accept what is in a calm and soft way, that's when something completely shifted - I could really be with that pain and that made it not only more acceptable, I felt joy at the same time, a deep, inner feeling, very soft and quiet - very awake!
Like this I went into the forest for a walk, the sound was clearer, the colors more intense, the pain remained and it was ok - with all the other senses.

So I want to thank you for staying with me going through this pain, through the resistance and that you accepted my boundaries.

Remember how I told you, that all the institutions didn’t want me for a presentation? That was true, but after our session, I asked another daycare center and she said without hesitation - of course, we want that. Please send me your details!
Later in the evening my boyfriend called and we could sort out all of our things, there were many misunderstandings - and we agreed in growing with each other.

I´m sure something happened - and I want to thank you - thank you for trusting my strength, when I didn’t- thank you for staying, when I fled, thank you for staying with me even when I was resistant.

This I needed to tell you because it was so profound and beautiful.

Thank you, Stella!

M.H. Coach Switzerland June 18, 2018

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Alexandra ”Alice” Cederström

Stella is a warm and delightful person offering a lot of hearty laughs and fantastic advice. At first, I was unsure of what my real problem was, but thanks to Stella's tarot reading and her skills I have now straightened out some question marks I’d been carrying around for a long time. I warmly recommend Stella if you want to achieve change, understand where you’re at right now, and where you’re going next.

Alexandra ”Alice” Cederström Projekt Manager at Barnens Skåne August 19, 2020

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An astrology reading is an exciting springboard for reflections on the behaviors, thoughts and feelings that shape one's existence. 

With Stella as an interpreter and interlocutor, it's like embarking on a shared journey of discovery. 

Her energy and humor are fine guidance even in the trickier passages. A few days after our conversation, I landed in the feeling of "Let's go!" 


Felicia Selmer January 23, 2024

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