About You!

You’re smart, ambitious and hard-working. Proud of your accomplishments, I hope.

But you’re also filled with self-doubt while experiencing stuckness and repetition of old patterns.

You wish to move forward!

You desire change!

You are longing for deep transformation.

You’ve done it all. Tried all of those tips and strategies people are talking about but they simply don’t work!

You’ve come to the point of: ENOUGH!

About Me!

Just like you, I’m smart, ambitious and hard-working. 🙂
But I’ve done the journey from constant judgement to pure love and compassion for myself.

A client of mine recently said: After these sessions, I’ve started to live, for real, instead of covering up for what is actually going on. What stopped me was my denial of the truth. Now I know, that truth always wins!

I love dancing and cats. I call myself a social introvert. Nature is something I visit, with great pleasure. But my core is the urban gal! Art, music, latte, laughter, friends, travel and time for myself. It all goes together hand in glove.

I’m also a Gestalt therapist with certifications in several modalities of energy psychology. A serious nerd when it comes to personal development and I’ve assisted other’s life journeys for 30 years now. I love seeing you change, grow, live fully and come to peace with yourself before my eyes!

About Us!

A team! Focused on you!

If you recognize yourself as selective, perceptive, considerate, warm, enthusiastic, social and creative I think we will have an awesome time together.

I’m discerning, an engaged listener and a focused observer. My awareness and intuition have sharpened through the years and I dare call out BS when it shows up.

My highest value in life is serving – It’s all at your disposal!

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