To Judge By Appearance Is A Questions Of Survival

To judge by appearance is a question of survival.

To pretend it’s possible to not take appearance into account is doing one’s self a disservice!

Every creature and plant on the planet has an appearance that is superbly important for survival.

Survival for the species as a whole, but also for the individual.

Thinking we as humans can stand above that is so typical of us. We are ”above” nature and animals that way. Well, I’m here to tell you we’re not! 🙂

It’s innate and biological to judge by appearance. It’s a question of survival.

Of visibility.

Of acceptance.

Of danger and safety.

Of trust.

Make it easier for your self.

Accept that this is the way it is instead of trying to fulfill the romanticized dream of “it’s the inside that matters”.

The inside does matter, but it is not the first thing we see or show.

The first thing we see and show is the outer appearance and it is perfectly normal and natural to make instant judgments on that. It’s an initial primitive reaction, not equivalent to being judgmental.

Now, can you do anything about that?

Yes, you absolutely can!

But that requires work on your part. You are the one who has to work on showing your inside first. You cannot expect people to go searching for your inside qualities unless you show up and show them.

And how do you show up?

Well, partially by what you expose on the outside.

And partially how much of your energy you will allow walking in front of you.

Yes, you have to hone that. You’ve got to practice, but to be able to practice you need to get to know yourself. Deeply and profoundly.

Because how can you possibly expect other people to see you’re inside qualities unless you know those aspects of yourself? Unless you honor them yourself, accept them yourself, and love and adore them?

My world, and how I am being received in the world starts with me. Me receiving me.

Therefore your world, and how you are being received in the world starts with you. You receiving you.

And that’s my job. To guide you into receiving yourself.

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  1. I do not agree. In my world we are more clever then plants and most of the animal. So. We should learn to see beyond the appearance. Cause it says nothing. I agree with that we need to show our inside, if we want others to see it. But maybe we don’t. Always. It is a choice, every time we meet another person. And a person who don’t want to be seen do survive in another way then we who want to be seen does.

  2. Yes.
    Appearance does matter.
    In so many ways. Sometimes it can bother me, and sometimes I just accept what is. And this “is”. So life certainly gets easier when I am in accepting mode. 🙂

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