Who’s My Client?

Who’s my client?

My client, the one I meet every week on- and/or offline, is a corporate woman or has a background in corporate business on manager level. ⠀

She’s a leader and she knows it. Successful, smart, good looking and yet with low self-esteem and body confidence, internally constantly criticizing herself. Never good enough.⠀

She tries to impose something on top of what really suits her and whom she really is, and plays the role oh so well. Yet, It’s exhausting!⠀

Burning her candle at both ends.⠀

I know it's always worth investing time and money in myself and my development. It becomes a mental boost sending signals to myself, that I am worth investing in, which strengthens my self-esteem. I also enjoy the feeling of "nothing is constant", and even at times it may seem like you've tried "everything" and become a bit blasé, there's always something new to try out, moving you forward 🙂

Going through Stella's Sleep Puzzle, I must say after three weeks, it's absolutely amazing there's a new system now that actually works. Stella helps you to cope with your sleep problems! 

Catrine Wikström Regional Culture Strategist February 3, 2016

Other Enthusiasts

When is your quick shift gonna happen?

She’s with me because she wants something else, yet hardly knows what that is.
But she’s ready, very ready for the shift. ⠀

Dedicated, courageous and ambitious in this pursuit too…⠀

I get to know her in my coaching practice.
I love working with her! ⠀

If you know this is you, you can meet me in a LIVE webinar this week. You have two to choose from!⠀

Wednesday, 14th November

Sunday, 18th November

I do hope to see you there!


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  1. Oh, I love this. Clear, concise and to the point, both in your post on “Who your client is” and in the “Who is Stella” – love how you step in and own it, own yourself! <3

  2. No matter how good consult you are or how good your program is it would never be that good without right client. So congratulation for finding clients that makes you grow. I hope your webinars will be full with new perfect matches for you. I sleep very well, especially since we moved into our motorhome!

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