A Volatile New Moon In Scorpio! ♏️

We have entered quite an intense New Moon period already!

Tomorrow, Mars, the planet of action, aggression and “I want it when I want it, and I want it NOW”, will oppose Uranus.

And on the 13th, the Sun and Moon will join in that opposition.

Uranus, the planet of sudden, unexpected twists and turns, brings a dynamic and electric energy bound to impact various aspects of our lives both personally and on a global scale.

Let’s investigate how these energies might manifest in different areas.

As If The Geopolitical Tensions Werent Enough…

Mars opposing Uranus can lead to impulsive actions, and the Sun’s involvement may shine a spotlight on international disputes. Diplomatic efforts may be strained.

Uranus symbolizes rebellion and social change, hence this energy could fuel protests and social movements.

Let’s hope that world leaders can exercise caution and restraint to prevent escalation. But they are people just like the rest of us… ????????♀️

Earth Is Part Of Our Solar System!

The Mars-Uranus opposition could trigger seismic activity, earthquakes, and extreme weather conditions can, yet again, hit us hard. Especially in regions prone to such occurrences. This has happened many times before. There are patterns from several hundred years of observations.

It’s a period for deepened discussions on climate change and eco-friendly policies.

Technology Might Be Disrupted.

With Uranus holding close ties to technology, there might be disruptions in communication, the internet, or power grids. And/Or during this time, creative problem-solving and out-of-the-box thinking can soar. The global community may release inventive solutions to long-standing issues. That includes medical technology.

Financial Volatility

Uranus often brings surprises to the financial markets. Are you an investor? Stay vigilant as unexpected economic developments could occur.

Again, there are patterns involving Uranus and finances, so keep your ear to the ground and be ready to act accordingly.

(I’m NOT a financial astrologer! This is just a broad overview of mundane potentials.)

Individual Forecasts For The 12 Signs

???? If you’re a business owner, read both your Ascendant and your Sun sing.

???? Read your Sun sign if you don’t know our Ascendant.

???? And check out your Moon to get what your inner HR is up to. ????

Please observe that the placements of points and planets in your personal chart make the below predictions very general.

On a personal level, current constellations encourage self-discovery and the breaking of old patterns. It’s an excellent time for personal growth, awakening, and embracing unexpected opportunities.

  • It can be challenging.
  • Remain open to change.
  • The planets are on your side!

♈️ Aries Ascendant (New Moon in Eighth House): 

Be prepared for unexpected changes and surprises in shared resources and shifts that challenge you to adapt and redefine your approach to financial matters and personal growth.

???? Think transformation!

♉️ Taurus Ascendant (New Moon in Seventh House): 

Your 1-1 relationships may face sudden disruptions and shifts. Assert your individuality, yet do what you can to stay calm and think twice.

???? This could also impact the signing of contracts.

♊️ Gemini Ascendant: Gemini Ascendant (New Moon in Sixth House):

Your daily routines and work life may undergo unexpected changes, pushing you to think innovatively and adapt to new circumstances.

???? Take care of your health.

♋️ Cancer Ascendant (New Moon in Fifth House): 

Unexpected ideas regarding creative projects or a sudden romantic experience could arise. An intense need for self-expression might make itself known.

???? Embrace your uniqueness.

♌️ Leo Ascendant (New Moon in Fourth House): 

Home life may be subject to sudden changes, and this might alter the dynamics within your family sphere.

???? This could affect your career too.

♍️ Virgo Ascendant (New Moon in Third House): 

Suddenly, you might find yourself on an unexpected trip. Communication and interactions with neighbours and siblings may face surprising developments.

???? Unforeseen educational pursuits might arise.

♎️ Libra Ascendant (New Moon in Second House): 

Your finances could encounter unexpected fluctuations, urging you to reassess your resources and financial priorities.

???? Remember your personal values and what you bring to the world.

♏️ Scorpio Ascendant (New Moon in First House):

This Moon points to sudden shifts in your personal expression. Embrace your individuality with newfound vigour.

???? A new you is coming out.

♐️ Sagittarius Ascendant (New Moon in Twelfth House): 

Spiritual exploration could face unexpected developments, leading to deeper introspection and potential awakening. A covert foe might emerge out of nowhere.

???? Daily routines could change abruptly.

♑️ Capricorn Ascendant (New Moon in Eleventh House): 

Your social circles and group affiliations may see sudden changes and disruptions. Unique networking with like-minded yet unexpected individuals.

???? Perhaps you’ll start a collaboration with an unforeseen connection.

♒️ Aquarius Ascendant (New Moon in Tenth House): 

Your career and reputation might encounter unexpected challenges and transformations and thereby adapt to new goals and ambitions.

???? You might have to kill a darling.

♓️ Pisces Ascendant (New Moon in Ninth House): 

Your beliefs about the world could take an unexpected turn. Invite new ideas and take the time to explore perspectives you previously didn’t even notice before.

???? If you get an invitation to teach or speak to the world, do it!

All In All

In summary, the New Moon in the coming week, with Mars and the Sun opposing Uranus, brings an atmosphere of unpredictability and change. Individuals, organisations and nations must be flexible, adaptive, and open to innovation.

While it may be a challenging time, it also offers opportunities for growth and transformation. Embracing the energy of this celestial alignment can lead to positive changes and breakthroughs on both personal and global levels.

Stella Scott,

Your Astrologer for Money and Career

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